No Rest For Geiger

Stop me if I’ve posted this photo before.

Jordan Geiger, lead singer of the excellent Kansas band Minus Story, has a personal MySpace (thanks, Catbirdseat). Important thing is, guys, he’s posted a pair of (presumably) solo demos/potential new Minus Story tracks. They are awesome. If you’ve never heard Minus Story, imagine Okkervil River accelerated about 15 bpm with more pianos and songs about ghosts. And they share a label! How about that. Anyway, they’re are also nice guys and put on a great show, as I discovered at the Echo a few months back.

Jordan Geiger – “I Do Not Understand”: mp3
Jordan Geiger – “Baby For J”: mp3

bonus (right-click, etc.): Minus Story – “Little Wet Head”: mp3

Buy No Rest For Ghosts from Jagjaguwar / Hear Minus Story on MySpace / Read my CMG interview

I’m applying to the Rolling Stone/MTV reality show. If I don’t get it, I guess I’ll post the audition tape on YouTube…I think I’ve probably already signed away the right to do that, though.

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