Record Rawk: February 2006

So I’m a little behind. I promise a March edition next week so we can get caught up. Anyway, here are the records I think are worth owning from February 2006. As always, while I support buying direct from the label, you can also browse online or at your local record store.


Destroyer – Destroyer’s Rubies
Destroyer – “European Oils”: mp3

Destroyer’s Rubies, to me, is easily the best album of the year so far. In conjunction with a fantastic backing band, Dan Bejar’s music has never been more robust and accessible, with sprawling, endlessly inventive arrangements that not only transcend the 70s Bowie aesthetic, but almost make it irrelevant. His lyrics as good as ever, not impenetrable so much as they are a dance with the listener – take “Rubies,” for instance, where he keeps deferring blame from himself (“Trust me, I had my reasons”) but eventually owns up to whatever he’s done (“typical me”), as the music shifts accordingly. It’s just a genius record, guys.

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also recommended:

Beth Orton – Comfort of Strangers
Beth Orton – “Conceived”: mp3
Buy from Astralwerks / Hear more at MySpace

Hem – No Word From Tom
Hem – “So. Central Rain”: mp3
buy from Nettwerk / Hear more at MySpace

Belle & Sebastian – The Life Pursuit
Belle & Sebastian – “The Blues Are Still Blue”: mp3
Buy from Matador / Hear more at an unofficial MySpace


Record Rawk (or “rack,” natch) is a monthly buyer’s guide for only the finest in new releases. Previously in 2006: January 2006

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