Sing to me once more, my love

Photo by Filip Hnizdo

Thought I’d put up the whole Koz show I started posting the other day. If you don’t know Mark Kozelek, he’s the singer/songwriter behind Red House Painters and Sun Kil Moon. His voice is, quite simply, majestic. Like most singers, he sounds even better live. This is a show from 2000, back in the RHP days.

If anyone has a more recent show (I saw him in Los Angeles in 2003) or knows where to find them, post in the comments.

Mark Kozelek, 7.04.00, Sweden

1. Up To My Neck In You: mp3
2. Ruth Marie: mp3
3. Uncle Joe: mp3
4. Kozelek’s Cat Song: mp3
5. Mistress: mp3
6. Whiskey In The Jar: mp3

*Edit* The “Whiskey In The Jar” link is fixed. There are more songs in the comments!

Not that you need the reminder, but the new Rose Melberg album is out today. Go pick it up.

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