The Old Dusty Trail

Lewis & Clarke released one of my favorite albums of last year, the lush, beautiful folk of Bare Bones and Branches. The band’s new album is due later this year, but Lou Rogai (sweetheart that he is) has posted a live radio performance (with 2 new and 2 old songs) on his site. Rogai’s voice really stands out from the rest of the folk crowd – he’s got the ragged drawl down, but with a kind of introspection and self-awareness that gives the songs another angle. The addition of a choir on the old songs really fills them out, as well; it’s always nice to hear a band find new ways to push its songs forward.

“Bare Bones and Branches” (live): mp3
“Before It Breaks You” (live): mp3
“Bloody Coat”: mp3
“Blasts of Holy Birth”:mp3

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