The Real Gordon Shuffle

Totally posted Rob on the wrong day guys. “Whoa.”

The Fiery Furnaces – “Benton Harbor Blues”: mp3
I’ve been listening to this record once a day all week, and every time it gets more amazing. It’s kind of a genius album – the farther into you get into it, the less idiosyncratic and annoying it gets and the pop songs get better and better. As track 12, this song, all seven minutes of it, really carries the album to that next level.
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Neko Case – “The Needle Has Landed”: mp3
Can’t seem to turn this one off either. Neko in all her country reverb glory. I haven’t really delved into all the lyrical complexities the way Scott has, but the melodies are more than enough to keep me coming back.
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Strawberry Alarm Clock – “Incense & Peppermints”: mp3
Believe it or not, this album is a great piece of 60s psychadelia. Not quite as good as Love’s Forever Changes, perhaps, but it’s very consistent and has held up pretty well – not bad for a band whose greatest recent exposure was on the first Austin Powers movie.
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