Why would you want any other?

Everybody Cares, Everybody Understands already posted Rilo Kiley’s set from the Elliott Smith tribute concert a couple years back, but seeing as most of the concert is floating around, here’s some more. I was actually supposed to go to the show and had tickets, but my ride flaked at the last possible minute and there was a bus strike going on, so no dice.

Someone more talented than me should break these up into seperate songs and YSI them in the comments, but until then, here they are as short single files.

Beck’s set: mp3
Beth Orton and M. Ward’s set: mp3

Beth doing “No Name #5” is pretty amazing, as is Beck doing “Ballad of Big Nothing.” Beck actually took the time to learn the picking on “Alameda.” Great stuff all around – just depressing that such beautiful music had to come out of such a tragedy.

On a lighter note, the ‘Fork and I agree for the first time all year.

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