Animal Collective Sings! Stevie Wonder

I think I’ll let Animal Collective’s Geologist introduce this one.

“Does everyone know what a white label is? i assume some of you do, but for those who don’t, white labels are illegal releases. they are most prevalent in the techno and hip hop world when a song contains a sample that did not receive clearance to be used, but the artist still wants to release it. the song is then released on a piece of vinyl with no writing on the label or sleeve, and no serial number, so there is nothing the owner of the rights can use to prove who released it. it can’t officially be traced to any artist or label. if anyone has been following the bmore club music scene, that’s pretty much all white labels.

i actually don’t have one of these AC white labels (and that’s really the truth, though i want one) but both songs on this could never be legally released since one contains the stevie wonder reference and one is a nirvana song. but if motown or courtney love ever decide to come after whoever put this out, they can’t do shit because there’s no serial number, no artist name, and no label name to trace it back to. and the fact that its so limited means no money will be made off it so there’s no reason for them to get an investigator on the case in the first place.

and the stevie version of purple bottle was mastered, when we mastered feels we still were hoping for clearance. so whatever version that’s leaked out there is mastered.

i’m happy someone did this. it’s nice that version of purple bottle is out there, and as for the choice of polly as a b-side…if you’re already going the illegal route, why not go all the way?”

I assume that means posting them right here is ok. Sssh!

Animal Collective – “The Purple Bottle (Stevie Wonder version)”: mp3
Animal Collective – “Polly” (Nirvana cover): mp3

(This very limited release may still be available here)

Animal Collective – “The Purple Bottle”: mp3
Animal Collective – “Did You See The Words”: mp3 (right-click)

(from Feels – Buy direct from Fat Cat)

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