Cadence is the Weapon of the Future

I want to be Roland Pemberton III. Dude writes for Pitchfork, gets fired for being awesome, writes for Stylus, runs one of the best mp3 blogs around, drops a sick mixtape and then cuts Breaking Kayfabe – one of the hottest underground hip-hop albums I’ve heard in ages. Not that I’m on the ground floor of the underground scene or anything, but I know a killer beat when I hear one and Rollie knows how to make ’em. Album uses fat synths like there’s no tomorrow. Did I mention he’s like 20 (i actually thought he was 19)? And rapped and produced the whole thing himself? And on tour with Islands? Life is unfair.

Cadence Weapon – “Oliver Square”: mp3
Cadence Weapon – “Sharks”: mp3

Buy and hear more from Upper Class / Say hey at his blog, Razorblade Runner

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