Say Goodbye

I’ve posted about this before, but now it’s happened for real: Grandaddy is calling it quits. After five albums, including the newly released Just Like The Fambly Cat, the Modesto, CA science fiction-loving skateboarders have dissolved the group and gone on their seperate ways. According to the recent interviews I’ve read, Grandaddy’s studio output is mostly the solo work of singer Jason Lytle, who brought in the band to go tour – which makes Fambly Cat all the more impressive.

There won’t be any accompanying shows for this release, but I doubt we’ve heard the last of these guys. Knowing Lytle, he’s probably back in the studio already. As for these songs, “Jeez Louise” is the hardest rocking the band’s been since “A.M. 180” three albums ago, and while “Elevate Myself” is a bit of a sore thumb on the record, taken in context it’s a pretty brutal examination of why Lyte broke up the band.

Grandaddy – “Jeez Louise”: mp3
Grandaddy – “Elevate Myself”: mp3

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