Someday We’ll Live In a Video

I’ve never been a huge music video guy. This was before I realized indie bands do, in fact, make videos.

Double Agent Records has an awesome acoustic performance of “Irene” by Rose Melberg here on their site. It’s interesting to see a song that relies on the rhythmic clarity of the piano translated to an acoustic guitar – also, if you pay close attention you can figure out the chords if you haven’t done it by ear. All major 7ths, which is probably why it’s my song of the year.

Rose Melberg – “Irene”: video

Meanwhile, Grandaddy has issued an actual MTV-ready video (complete with random cat statues coming out of nowhere on the “meow meow” parts and Jason Lytle pretending to ride a bike) for “Where I’m Anymore.” Lytle played on KEXP today, so hopefully Kevin So Much Silence or Rbally recorded it?

Grandaddy – “Where I’m Anymore”: video

And of course:
Rose Melberg – “Irene”: mp3
Grandaddy – “Where I’m Anymore”: mp3

*Edit: Kevin was a step ahead of me after all. Check out Jason Lytle’s solo WOXY set right here.

(Buy from Double Agent and V2)

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