((Sounder)) Eclectic

((Sounder)) is a pair of California guys who do things in true DIY fashion: singer/guitarist Mike Aho recorded the album There Is Another Sun Clouded Over With Meticulous Care on his laptop. Sounds more like a 4-track to me. The record is all scuzzy acoustic guitars and not-quite yelpy vocals – think a rawer, looser Chad VanGaalen or Phil Elverum. Some of the songs are pretty esoteric, but never enough to detract from their innate tunefulness. Not exactly skate-punk, yet we have Volcom Entertainment to thank for the album’s release. Parallel universe, maybe?

((Sounder)) – “It’s A Terrible Thing”: mp3
((Sounder)) – “I Don’t Want You To Burn”: mp3 (right-click)

(Buy from Volcom / Hear more at MySpace)

((Sounder)) will be performing in Los Angeles at the Knitting Factory on June 2.