The Rob Gordon Mother’s Day Shuffle

In honor of Mother’s Day, here are a few songs my mom loves. Give yer mum a big hug (or a phone call), she deserves it.

Antonio Carlos Jobim – “Wave”: mp3

My mother isn’t very hip. But I have to give her credit for introducing me to bossa nova and its master practitioner, one Tom Jobim. Listening to his album Wave led me to his work with Stan Getz and Frank Sinatra, as well as on to Luiz Bonfa and the later tropicalia movement.

Crosby, Still and Nash – “Wooden Ships”: mp3

Mom loves harmony. I love harmony. Dad and I prefer the more rockin’ Woodstock version of this particular track, but Mom says they ruined it. Mom also can’t stand The Who or Neil Young, which is why it’s a good thing I have two parents.

Billy Joel – “Just The Way You Are”: mp3

Say what you will about Billy Joel, when he’s on, his melodic abilities are the best of anybody’s outside of Paul McCartney. Mom and I are suckers for a great pop song, and Greatest Hits, Volumes I and II have gotten more than their fair share of airplay in my home over the years.

I saw Elliott Smith in 2003 with my mom. She wanted to leave early. True story.

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