Blogging On The Highway

Pop (All Love) has an interesting – and accurate – assessment of why music awards and prizes don’t work. And makes a good case for the canonization of Broken Social Scene (their last record, at least, if not the new one).

Great Body of Water has some news on Jeff Magnum of Neutral Milk Hotel – apparently he’s playing songs and getting ready to make a big comeback. Don’t get your hopes up yet, though, it was just a post on a message board…but what if?!?

Whatever Tell It To Your Blog has most of the Radiohead b-side catalog up for download here. Radiohead b-sides are better than most band’s entire discographies.

Everybody Cares, Everybody Understands points out that a studio version of Elliott Smith’s “Dancing On The Highway” has leaked. Bit rate is atrocious but oh man, is it gorgeous. As one of his most straightforwardly romantic songs, it’s yet another reason to pray for an Elliott box set some day. I’m still holding out for the Neil Young archives.

Elliott Smith – “Dancing On The Highway”: mp3

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