Half-time Songs of the Year: Introduction

Nay, we are but men. Rock!

Rather than post a whole bunch of new records for you fine folks – and believe me, I’ve got ’em – we’re now about halfway through the year, so it’s time to look back at the best songs of 2006 (thus far). I figure, the best way to start is with a few tracks from 2005; I may have missed these on my top 28 list, but they’re no less fantastic.

Bright Eyes – “First Day Of My Life”: mp3
I like Bright Eyes when he sounds genuinely sincere and not like he’s faking it (not really makin’ it! as Paul Simon would say). This song sounds like Elliott Smith, and that’s the highest compliment I can give.

The Clientele – “Since K Got Over Me”: mp3
This album should’ve been in my top 10. Graceful, romantic, elusive…like the Autumn Defense with heavier introspection.

Phil – “Left Coast”: mp3
Akron/Family for non-weirdos. Phil is a sweetheart: this sad but achingly funny song is the kind Charlie Brown would write if he grew up and followed the little red-headed girl to middle America.

Fruit Bats – “Lives of Crime”: mp3
Unbridled Elephant 6-y summer guitar pop. If only the rest of the record was this good.

2006 tomorrow.