More Live Radiohead

Image courtesy Analogue Boy

I promised myself I wouldn’t post any more live Radiohead. Then I heard this recording and ate my hat. June 4, 2006 – the first night of their Boston gigs from a week ago – is the bootleg I’ve been waiting for from this tour, a great-sounding recording of a live band that can do no wrong. There are some volume issues at the beginning, but nothing too distracting. All the new songs came out fantastic. It’s weird hearing them do the older stuff now – all the Kid A/Amnesiac stuff is really, really hot so the OK Computer songs almost suffer in comparison. Imagine that, huh? Try the sample tracks then grab the whole thing…

Radiohead – “Kid A” (live, 6.04.06): mp3
Radiohead – “Lucky” (live, 6.04.06): mp3

Radiohead – 6.04.06 Bank of America Pavillion, Boston MA: Zip

Hopefully we get a soundboard by the end of the tour, as I didn’t get tix to the L.A. shows. Argh.

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