The Greatest Film In The History of American Cinema

Or as they call it, Spiderman 3. The trailer is out; you can watch it here.

Based on watching this and hearing some rumours, here are things I think will happen. (*Gasp* possible spoilers if I guess right, so look out!)

> Harry becomes the new Green Goblin. This one was obv., but I thought they were going to make the smart move of waiting a bit to bring him in. It looks like they did something even better by using a few other villains so it’s not another Goblin movie – not that I’d mind. The scenes in the trailer have Harry flying around without a mask on crashing into shit, which is funny and one solid move among many by Sam Raimi.

> Attention is focused on Peter dealing with the costume and it corrupting him vs. it being a movie about Venom. Great call. Venom is a huge part of modern day Spidey and needs to be done justice – sorry Topher.

> Corrupted, confused Spidey means he can totally have a guilt-free hook up with Gwen Stacy (score), who (and this may be way off?) he’s going to steal away from Eddie Brock? There needs to be a reason for Venom to hate Spider-Man. Regardless, Peter definitely hooks up with Gwen and plays it off to Mary Jane by explaining that the costume was controlling his thoughts. And genitals.

> Climax of the movie comes when black costume Spidey fights the Goblin, kicks the shit out of him, unmasks him and realizes he’s been beating the shit of his best friend. He freaks out and realizes the costume is evil.

> Black costume Spidey is going to tear Sandman apart in an epic, King Kongian battle.

Sandman looks nuts. This movie looks nuts. I want Sam Raimi and Tobey Maguire to do nothing but make Spider-Man movies forever.