Broken Hearts Last For A MIllion Years

Considering the name, Dead Heart Bloom makes some unexpectedly pretty music. Shifting gears between rollicking rock music (what did you expect, delta blues?) and craggy folk, the band is the mostly-project of one Boris Skalsky, he of the long beard and doom-laden voice. My favorite tracks are the weirder ones, such as “The Marchers Are Coming,” which synth-rocks out all “Myxomatosis” style, though the more traditional stuff (like the folky “There Will Come Soft Rains” – a nod to the Bradbury story, perhaps?) is just as strong. MP3s are right-click, save-as.

Dead Heart Bloom – “The Marchers Are Coming”: mp3
Dead Heart Bloom – “There Will Come Soft Rains”: mp3

(Check out the band and download the entire album for free and completely legally right here)

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