Can’t Touch This

MC Hammer has a blog. Really. And he’s playing music again.

In 1994, the #1 album of the year wasn’t Nirvana or Pearl Jam or Snoop Doggy Dogg. It was Ace Of Base. Ponder that one for a moment, and ask yourself: “Was grunge really mainstream? Does this mean MTV was lying to me all along?!?!” Take a peak through the old charts if you ever get the chance, gang – I’ve been doing it all week and it’s nothing but surprises.

In the lengthiest version yet of blog-as-message board, there are 90+ comments (mine included) on this Good Hodgkins post. The controversy? Here, I’ll summarize: “People who don’t care about bands as much as I do shouldn’t go to shows. Also, fuck Toby Keith.” His prose is a good deal more rapturous than that, of course.

You’ll have to trust me on this for now, but the new Black Keys and Hem albums are fantastic, the Keys record especially. Both should be hitting the blogosphere shortly.