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The brilliant and talented people behind the “It’s The Juggernaut, Bitch!” video have released the long-awaited two-part sequel: “J2: Juggment Day.” Several thousand people have already watched them, and you can be the next: Part 1 and Part 2. Part 1’s pretty great, though neither lives up to the epic original.

Speaking of sophomore efforts, you can hear a few tracks from the amazing new Chad VanGaalen album Skelliconnection over on Obscure Sound. Kicks the shit out of the Thom Yorke record. Here’s an oldie for the uninitiated:

Chad VanGaalen – “Traffic”: mp3

The new record’s out on the venerable Sub Pop Records on August 22.

Meanwhile, over on Daytrotter, TRRTS! favorite Maritime performed a few in-studio songs and gave quite the interview. Here’s one of the tunes, but head over there to check out the rest.

Maritime – “German Engineering (Daytrotter Session)”: mp3

You’ll notice a few changes in the sidebar over to your left – be sure to check out the live music section and the podcasts. All definitely worth your time.

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