Hey Jealousy

My roommate is flying to Chicago this weekend to go see the Pitchfork fest.

Among the bands he’ll be seeing: Destroyer, Ted Leo and the Silver Jews — in a row — and that’s just the first day. Suffice to say I wish I was going, but since I can’t, here are some tunes to either preview the show (if you’re among the lucky bastards going) or experience it by proxy.

Destroyer – “Painter In Your Pocket”: mp3
Ted Leo & The Pharmacists – “Me and Mia”: mp3
Silver Jews – “Punks In The Beerlight”: mp3

Man, just posting these tracks depresses the hell out of me.

Anyway, Cokemachineglow is going to be there in force – keep an eye out for the dudes in the swanky, VanGaalen-designed CMG t-shirts.


The Grandaddy Contest ends today. Send in yr haikus by tonight, I’ll be cleaning through my e-mail and picking the winners tomorrow morning. Buttons and posters!