Hoefgate 2006: Impeach! Impeach!

If you’ve ever spent time on the Hipinion message boards, you know that it’s a community (if you can call it that) that used to be associated with Pitchforkmedia before breaking off and fragmenting into bizarre, hilarious anarchy. This conversation, between Pitchfork’s Scott Plagenhoef and a boarder known only as “Samtem” regarding Plagenhoef’s Pipettes review, was posted today. It’s probably about as authentic/serious as Jeff Mangum’s apparent return, but if it’s not…

Hassle The Hoef*: yeah, i think the album sucks too
samtem: no doubt
Hassle The Hoef: i just figured fuck it though. if someones going to get some hype it might as well be some decent looking young hipster girls though so i just jumped on the bandwagon.
Hassle The Hoef: they’ll be gone before years end anyhow.
samtem: so what do you plan giving that Like album
Hassle The Hoef: 9.2

Uncoincidentally, I watched some X-Files last night. Trust no one. And for the record, “I Like A Boy In Uniform (School Uniform)” was a terrible, terrible single.

The Pipettes – “Pull Shapes”: mp3

Still the #2 album of the year for me.

*screen names changed for privacy, obv.