Sing Me To Sleep

Minus Story’s Jordan Geiger is working on his first solo disc. Being the sweetheart he is, he and Jagjaguwar Records are posting demos of some of the tunes on a one-per-month basis. I talked up the first couple a few months back, but now it’s time to play catch-up. Of the three latest tracks, “Oh Ramona” is my favorite. It’s warm and soft and openly romantic, almost jazzy in its woozy waltz. These demos are likely to be more loose than the final product, if Geiger’s on-point work with his band is any indication – so relax, and enjoy these.

Jordan Geiger – “Oh, Ramona”: mp3
Jordan Geiger – “The Shots I Drank”: mp3
Jordan Geiger – “Sink Your Teeth Into Me”: mp3

(Download the rest from Jagjaguwar – and be sure to pick up Minus Story’s excellent No Rest For Ghosts)