Day Is Done

(Before you start – imagine Ben Stein reading this post out loud as you go through it. It will be funnier.)

Had to fix my car. Regular posting resumes tomorrow evening. Here is Sarah Harmer covering the Weakerthan’s “Left and Leaving.”

Sarah Harmer – “Left and Leaving”: mp3

Also, #1: the Paris Hilton album is pretty bad, but “Turn It Up” is killer. At first I thought it was a “Promiscuous” knock-off but it’s definitely a lot more intricate, production-wise. That is something I appreciate in a pop song.

Also, #2: the Decemberists album is pretty bad. After one listen, I am not enjoying it.

Also, #3: I listened to the Nick Drake discography today, and Five Leaves Left is a pretty solid album. Some of the arrangements are a little kitschy and he definitely had his shit together more on Bryter Layter (my favorite Drake record), but “Way To Blue” and “Cello Song” are too good for words.