Just Like This Train

Painted shoes by Anna Fleischer

Anna Fleischer is a an artist, musician, college student, and remarkable new voice. From the first time I heard her blue-throated, jazz-inflected singing, I knew she had talent, and she has yet to prove me wrong. Fleischer’s recorded material is acoustic folk with some jazz overtones a la Joni Mitchell, though unlike the meandering Mitchell, Fleischer often goes right for the hook. These are songs of love, relationships, life…music for road trips and rainy days alike. I strongly suggest heading over to her Web site and buying some tunes (or some custom-painted shoes) so she can make more records.

Anna Fleischer – “Pretty Eyes”: mp3
(from the On The Floor EP)

Anna Fleischer – “Reception”: mp3
(from the Change EP)

(Hear more and see Fleischer’s art at her Web site)