Read It And Weep

Check out some weekend reading before you head out for the night, or just save these until tomorrow morning:

In one of its most epic articles yet, Cokemachineglow recounts the Pitchfork music festival – or rather, the glorious week of CMG staff bonding that led up to it (still bummed I missed that) – starting with this week’s part one.

TRRTS! pals Everybody Cares, Everybody Understands posted a YouTube of a fantastic, orchestra-backed performance of the Lovin’ Spoonful doing “Darling, Be Home Soon” on the Ed Sullivan show. Watch it here.

Smile – An Aquarium Drunkard has some Beach Boys rehearsal sessions from 1967, with a stellar “God Only Knows.”

So, I changed the banner again. I think I’m sticking with this one – the other felt too morbid after a while, though opinions are welcome.