Ryan Adams & The Glorious Production of New Songs

Or “Return to Rock N Roll,” I guess. As much as old Ryan hates the Bryan Adams jokes, his new material is sounding embarrassingly-but-awesomely like “I Love The ’80s!” Head over to his Web site to check out “France,” a new song I would probably hate if it was by the Eagles.

Me, I thought Rock N Roll was a great alt-rock album – killer riffs, ragged vox, dramatic Ryan emoting – and just because it bites from the Cure occasionally doesn’t dull my appreciation for it in the slightest. Lots of the new material is closer to the Cold Roses classic rock vein though, which is something i’m sure more of you can appreciate it. The best of the new stuff is “Everybody Knows,” a song about carrying on with an obviously broken relationship.

These songs are from the July 22 performance at the Norva in Norfolk, VA. Ryan allows soundboard taping of all his shows, though this sounds more like an audience recording to me – either way, it’s a solid recording and well worth hearing.

Ryan Adams & The Cardinals – “Promises” (live): mp3
Ryan Adams & The Cardinals – “Breakdown Into The Resolve” (live): mp3
Ryan Adams & The Cardinals – “Blue Hotel” (live): mp3
Ryan Adams & The Cardinals – “Two Hearts” (live): mp3
Ryan Adams & The Cardinals – “Everybody Knows” (live): mp3

Check out more live shows at the Ryan Adams Archive. He’s been playing unbelievable sets. I bought my tickets for the Hollywood Bowl show – wish I was seeing him in a smaller venue, but I think Neko and Willie will make up for that.