Snakes on a Plane

Movie was glorious. Go see it now because there’s no point if you don’t see it with a rowdy audience who’s going to cheer the whole time. There were like 4 dudes in the theater here in the boonies of Ventura and I was the only one laughing. Uncontrollable lolz. But ironically, it was a bad movie. Most of it wasn’t even campy, it was just terrible. Peep the gratuitous slow-motion motorcycle shots in the beginning, or the middle stretch of the movie where random anonymous actors get brutally murdered by snakes (in the eye! in the neck! in the chest!) or when Samuel L. Jackson has to randomly fix something on the plane. He fixes it. Crisis averted! Kenan rocks, though, and Sammy L.’s line…you know what I’m talking about. It’s so awesome.

Anyway yeah, worst/best movie I’ve seen since Snoop Dogg’s Hood of Horror. Go make a stop at the local liquor store and see it while there’s still time.