The Rise and Fall of Country & Western Civilization

As you return from your long day at work, you might settle down in front of your television, computer, wet bar, shag pad, whatever. You’ve had a rough couple of nights — smoke still lingers in your hair and there’s blood on the jeans you shoved in the laundry basket. You’re alone, and your lower lip starts trembling, nervously. You need songs of triumph and quiet disaster, muted glory and faded stars.

Lambchop – “Paperback Bible”: mp3
Lampchop – “Beers Before the Barbican”: mp3

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If you’d like a longer exegesis of Damaged, Lambchop‘s fantastic new album, I reviewed it last week for Cokemachineglow. Me, I’m going to go watch Snakes on a Plane again. Have a good night, friends.