Elliott Smith: Basement III

The three-year anniversary of Elliott Smith’s death is fast approaching — too fast. It’s still a shock to think that he’s gone. But in a way, and I mean this completely unironically, it’s almost like he’s not because somehow he keeps putting out more music. When I posted the leaked “Basement II” recordings a year ago, I thought that was it: here was a gold mine of stuff and now we had most of his remaining recordings. I was wrong, thankfully, and more songs have leaked over the year from the various From a Basement on the Hill sessions and beyond. Now, four new songs — including a gorgeous “True Love” that has Jon Brion’s sticky fingers all over it — have appeared online. As far as I know, “Let’s Turn The Record Over” and “From A Poisoned Well” have never been heard in any form. I’ll let them speak for themselves. (edit: links fixed, 9/16)

Elliott Smith – “True Love”: mp3
Elliott Smith – “Talking To Mary”: mp3
Elliott Smith – “Let’s Turn The Record Over”: mp3
Elliott Smith – “From A Poisoned Well”: mp3

(Download more unreleased material over at Elliott Smith B-Sides. You’ll be glad you did.)