The Greatest of Ease

The New York Times has a very insightful, and surprisingly open, profile of Cat Power’s Chan Marshall and her bouts — or rather, war-waging — with alcohol and depression. Yet somehow she managed to record one of the year’s better albums (if not one of its more consistent ones, but that’s Cat Power for you), The Greatest, which has apparently sold a pretty staggering 100,000 copies and was reissued with a fresh promotional push by Matador on Sept. 12. I never saw her in concert during the pre-sobriety era, but her performance at this year’s Coachella was fun and silly and great so catch her if you can the next time around. The article says she’s already written her next album, so leave a space on your best of ’07 list and read the Times piece here. (You may have to do a quickie sign-up.)

Cat Power – “The Greatest”: mp3

(Buy The Greatest re-release on the cheap from Matador)