This Summer I Did the Backstroke

Aah… Bountious September.

Over at Indie Don’t Dance, I’m starting to notice a change in temperature. Is it really September already? There is definitely a slight chill in the air that was missing a week ago. Autumn is upon us, which means there will be changes in store. Leaves, homes, friendships, schedules, etc. One change for me includes starting back at school as–what my roommate calls–an overgrad. Third times a charm, they say. My bookbag is packed, and dare I say, my lunch is, too. Last but not least, I made a “Back to School Mix” to accompany me on my walk to campus. I tried to select songs that either a) reminded me literal or figurative beginnings/endings, or b) reminded me of the chatter overheard on the school yard.

You’ll see what I mean.

(Mp3) Loudon Wainright III: The Swimming Song
This song reminds me of those “What Did You Do This Summer?” type essays that we’ve all been asked to write at some point in our lives. The difference is that Loudon’s essay is everything a teacher could be proud of.

(Mp3) Aloha: Thermostat
See. Autumn equals changes.

(Mp3) Rilo Kiley: The Frug
The first time I heard this song, I shouted, “Shut up!” Why? Because “The Frug” is my high school experience encapsulated in 2 minutes 40 seconds. Unfortunately, I wasn’t Jenny. I can make mac and cheese, but Jenny can do a back bend.

Nelly Furtado (featuring Timbaland): Promiscuous
I’m not posting “Promiscuous” because I want Dave to keep his blog; however, on my iPod this song appears in the mix. I know, I know. At the beginning of the summer I thought I might hurt myself if I heard this song one more time. Keep it on the low, but… I really like the last 30 seconds of “Promiscuous.” The beat is going strong and then. It pauses. As if it may stop. But. No. Such a tease.

(Mp3) Annuals: Brother
Every blogger and his/her mother has posted this song. True. However, I believe the hyper-posting reaction is rooted in nostalgia. “Brother” reminds you of something you’ve heard before, and it’s because you have. This song is the last night you could see the stars perfectly from your backyard. It’s the last night you chased your friends wildly around the neighborhood with flashlights. It’s the last night you watched firefiles light up inside a jam jar before you released them into the humid summer air. This song borders on perfect because memories often do.

(Mp3) M.I.A.: Galang
So 2004? Hmm… I think not. The beat from this song will never get old, and it’s the perfect accompaniment as you walk to school… or work… or wherever. The drums hit dead center in the chest. You can’t help but dip your shoulders a bit to the beat while you walk.

(Mp3) M. Ward: Let’s Dance
Is it possible to take one of my childhood pop song favorites and turn it into a sexy love song? Man looks across the room and makes eye contact with a stranger… it’s the last call before the lights come up.

Thanks to Dave for letting me fill in while he is away. The Rawking Refuses to Stop! is a daily read for me, so I’m honored to join on during “Guest Blogger Week.”