Fade Out Again

While we’re on the subject, sort of, is MP3 blogging dying too? Nah. But the bloggers are calling it quits: Once dubbed the “hardest working blogger” around, Bethanne is closing down Clever Titles Are So Last Summer in order to spend more time on, y’know, real life — as well as her own musical endeavors as Hello, Autumn. Me, I’d never do that, but I’m better at blogging than writing songs.

Jennings is ending Rbally as well, and if I were you, I would go clean out his repository of incredible bootlegs before he takes them down for good. Jennings was nice enough to do a guest blog here some months back, so go wish him and Bethanne fond farewells.

Here at The Rawking Refuses To Stop!, I’m going to keep fending off the inevitable irony of this blog’s demise. But if you see me take a couple days off every week, well, do me a favor and come back the next day. There are about a billion (okay maybe like 30 or so) great bands left to post illegal MP3s for and we’re going to get to all of ’em, dammit. (Though this means, all you nice PR folks, that I’m going to be pretty picky about your bands but you knew that already.)

Anyway, as promised, in friendly Sendspace zip files:

Radiohead – Cover songs/Obscurities: Download **now available**

Elliott Smith – 10.02.00 Southgate House, Newport KY: Download

My favorite Smith full band show. His version of “Don’t Fear the Reaper” is both hilarious and emotionally riveting.


Friends, you’ll also notice that the sidebar on your left now has links to some of the concert photos/videos/reviews and recent articles and features I’ve posted. Just for your convenience. Check out the Coachella photos, I added a few more.