Go, or Go Ahead

Live A Little is the sixth album by the Pernice Brothers. It’s also perhaps their first return-to-form album, stepping back from the electronic sheen that over-glossed last year’s Discover A Lovelier You and aiming for a more sweeping sound. That means ringing chords and Joe Pernice’s trademark juxtaposition of fragile vocals and robust melodies, in the classic pop style of the Byrds or Van Morrison — or more recently, bands like the Autumn Defense. Melancholy for weekend road trips.

Pernice Brothers – “Somerville”: mp3
Pernice Brothers – “How Can I Compare”: mp3

bonusPernice Brothers – “Baby In Two”: mp3
(from 2003’s stellar Yours, Mine and Ours)

(Buy from the Pernice Brothers’ own Ashmont Records)