Quantum Physics

Just in time for the chilly onset of fall, Math and Physics Club have quietly released the year’s best pure indie-pop album. Sure, I love The Pipettes’ retro-rock and Camera Obscura’s mock-Motown, but this record — the band’s self-titled debut, coming in the wake of a few tantalizing EPs — is sweet and beautiful in a way that defies reference or analysis. It’s like a flawlessly blended twee mixed drink, equal parts early Belle & Sebastian, Lucksmiths, and Softies. If I didn’t feel guilty about my stack of promos, I’d probably listen to it four times a day. As is, I can’t help but spin the self-titled debut twice in a row every time. This one gets my highest possible recommendation, friends.

Math and Physics Club – “Darling, Please Come Home”: mp3

(Buy from Matinee Records)