An Evangelical Matter

Can Misra Records put out a bad album? Is that even possible? Not this year, what with Centro-matic, Shearwater, Summer Hymns and now, Evangelicals.

With the album So Gone, Evangelicals do for indie rock what the Paper Airplanes did last year — wreck the genre’s collective shit. Remember when indie rock meant Built to Spill and Neutral Milk Hotel and Pavement and albums that were awesome? That was probably before your time, fellas (judging by the Hype Machine, I assume the average music blogger reader discovered indie rock around the same time Zach Braff and Capitol Records did), but goddamit, being an indie rocker used to be something to believe in. It still is.

Evangelicals – “Hello Jenn, I’m a Mess”: mp3

(Hear some exclusive tracks at Misra Records)


Speaking of indie rock meaning something, anybody going to see the Wrens at the Troubadour on November 10? I’ll probably be there.