Before It’s Too Late: Some By Sea’s "On Fire! (Igloo)"

Nobody’s perfect. Some By Sea‘s On Fire (Igloo!) is a really great indie-pop album hiding under the guise of a really long alt-country LP. Throughout, the songs are caked in wandering fiddles and horn oompahs, and just about all of the songs stretch to five minutes or beyond. Yet there are great moments here despite the band’s lack of editorial focus and stylistic errors, as demonstrated by teenage anthem “Look What I Made Without Your Heart Getting In The Way,” or the almost-too-obvious blue snowflakes of “The Saddest Christmas.” When the band avoids the frosting and sticks to quick, clean guitar rock (the unfortunately epic “Only One Bullet”), it’s a thing to behold — and certainly worth a few listens. (P.S. They sing about bloggers in the first track. It’s pretty silly.)

Some By Sea – “An Introduction: You Can’t Just Walk Away From Someone Who Is Leaning On You”: mp3
Some By Sea – “The Saddest Christmas”: mp3

(Some By Sea have actually just disbanded — if you enjoy the music, I suggest buying its album from Sidecho Records or contacting the band through its Web site and letting the guys know.)


As the leaves turn brown and the year turns toward list-making season, Before It’s Too Late will make sure you don’t miss any essential holiday purchases. Previously: Quasi