Live: Mount Eerie @ The Cooperage, UCLA, June 2004

All photos by David Greenwald

Today is Thanksgiving, and so we have some photographs from a very special concert…Phil Elverum, A.K.A. Mount Eerie (and before that, the Microphones) was playing an electric show at UCLA’s Cooperage after coming to Kerckhoff Grand Salon for an unplugged show in fall 2003. Elverum was tripping out and spent half the night telling us about how he was spending every night driving through the desert to get to shows. It was strange and awesome and made me glad I’d seen him perform a “regular” set some months earlier. However, Elverum was wearing a Thanksgiving shirt (the band, not the holiday) so this seemed appropriate.

Elverum’s opener was a cute girl who played cute songs. I can’t remember her name and as far as I know, we never heard from her again.

After the show, we all went outside to buy merch. For some reason, Elverum wasn’t allowed to sell in the venue.

The Microphones – “I Felt Your Shape”: mp3
Mount Eerie – “As Good As I Could Possibly Imagine” (live): mp3

(Hear more live Elverum at the Mount Eerie Preservation Society)