Rare Wrens

Photo by David Greenwald

I saw the Wrens last night (photos/review coming soon) and they were incredible, which led me to re-examine how much I love 2003’s The Meadowlands. What I’d forgotten is that when the album initially leaked, it was not in the finalized form it was eventually released in — the original leak was fifteen tracks rather than the official version’s thirteen, and “Per Second Second” and “Thirteen Grand” appeared under different names. Now, the original cut was no hidden masterpiece, at least no more so than the released version was, and is — but on listening again, the two songs that were cut are still very, very good. Even more interesting is “Shot-Rock Splitter To God,” the less fuzzed-out mix of “Per Second Second,” wherein the chorus actually sounds clean enough to enjoy.

I did some research, and finalized versions of the two Meadowlands outtakes, “Such a Pretty Lie” and “Nervous and Not Me,” are available on the Meadowlands vinyl — you can read more about that on the band’s site. But here are the versions from the original sessions.

The Wrens – “Such a Pretty Lie”: mp3
The Wrens – “Nervous and Not Me”: mp3
The Wrens – “Shot-Rock Splitter To God”: mp3

By the way, guys, the Wrens are quite possibly the best rock band in the world still holding down day jobs, so do yourself and them a favor and see them on this tour.

(Download a million songs and please, please buy records at the band’s site)