I’m Bringing Mopey Back

Beards? Yeah.

Folks, every so often I like to remind you that I write for Cokemachineglow (I know! I have to pinch myself!), which is arguably the best written publication…ever. Or at least in our little corner of the indie Internet, which is good enough for me. Pitchfork totally called us their “pal” today, which makes us at least as cool as the Hold Steady.

Anyway, next week CMG is dropping our first ever (and hopefully first annual) covers podcast, in which some of the staff’s favorite bands play some of our favorite songs of the year. Ned Collette does TV on the Radio’s “Hours” (spellbinding), Benoit Pioulard turns in an excellent “The Seedling” that dwarfs some of his album tracks, and Rock Plaza Central takes on “SexyBack.” And by Rock Plaza Central, I mean the disembodied ghost of Jason Molina, who despite having no physical involvement with this project is certainly there in spirit. Probably in several spirits, actually, chanting “Go ahead, get gone with it.” The covers podcast, as well as the rest of the Glow’s year-end, uh, coverage, will be running all of the coming week.

Rock Plaza Central – “SexyBack”: mp3

(Head over to Cokemachineglow for more — and reviews too!)


I came home from school today and my little brother, who’s never shown any interest in pop music, has been listening to my CDs and now knows the words to every Elliott Smith song. No kidding. I’m still kind of in shock, but very proud.