Largehearted Boy is doing a better job of keeping track of these than I’m even going to try to, but a few year-end pieces have caught my eye:

Grizzly Bear (The Rawking’s #5 album of the year) has Owen Pallett of Final Fantasy’s top 20 on its blog.

An Aquarium Drunkard has a great list of alt-country and roots rock with exactly one album in common with mine. But if you like that stuff, dude has taste.

Chromewaves went ahead and made hockey cards for his favorite bands. Some good picks, too.

And the sampler of songs from this very blog’s favorite 2006 albums is still good at the bottom of my top albums post, friends, so don’t be afraid to give it a download.

My best songs of 2006 tally starts tomorrow. I’m trying to cut it down from like, 8 hours into something my flaky Internet will be able to YSI without killing me.


I find it heartening that Joanna Newsom’s Ys is in the top 10 on Billboard magazine’s Heatseakers chart for this week, along with Rock Star Supernova and Regina Spektor’s Begin To Hope (which, according to The Rawking Refuses To Stop!’s foreign correspondent, is being played on Italian radio). Apparently Great Music trumps Early Leak –> Subsequent Downloader Apathy, but that’s hardly a surprise. People don’t forget about albums that aren’t disposable.