First Look: Menomena – "Friend And Foe"

Photo by John Vanderslice

In retrospect, Menemona’s debut (2003’s I Am The Fun Blame Monster) is a good record. Friend and Foe is a great one. For all the clamor over TV on the Radio last year, I think this album has the chance to be even bigger, commercial and perhaps artistically. See, Menomena’s new album sounds just like Return to Cookie Mountain, with better songwriting and without the lava flows of noise coating it from end to end. In short, it sounds like Barsuk Records (read: Death Cab for Cutie) Sings! TV on the Radio: the horn belches are there, the thrusting harmonies, the revisionism of basic song structures, but with a high definition, crystal-clear picture.

Basically, guys, it’s going to be one of the best albums of the year if it isn’t already. Is it too early to say that? Listen, and then you tell me.

Menomena – “Wet and Rusting”: mp3

(Stream the whole record at Barsuk)


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