"I’m From Rolling Stone"

Extreme lolz already, amirite?

I can’t tell you how many people have come up to me, me being the dashing young rock critic-about-town, and asked me if I’ve heard about “that MTV show about Rolling Stone?” I’ve heard about it. I applied. I made the first cut, even, and signed a waiver saying if I revealed anything, they’d sue me for a cool million dollars. I probably can’t even type this without a lawsuit pending.

But after seeing the *cough* talented people who made the cut, I’m excited — nay, holding my breath in anticipation, all white knuckles and bloodshot eyes — to watch the first episode on Sunday at 10 p.m. Yes, folks, I am promoting this show to you and yes, I am about to copy-paste the press release, and yes, finally, I am going to be watching/blogging this show every week for the next couple months. But Dave! I thought you hated MTV! Weren’t you just complaining about Laguna Beach? You got me, dear reader, but the potential for MAXIMUM ROFFLES on this show is off the charts. Put on your lollerskates, prepare your OH NOEZ, get ready to OMG — as a quotation-fingers serious quotation-fingers music writer, watching these kids fumble around for 22 minutes a week is going to be the height of reality TV comedy. And hey, you read blogs and The New Yorker and stuff, right? You’ll probably like it too.

So. In the spirit of doing this thing right, a little background:

“In the first episodes, see each of the young writers – Colin, Krishtine, Krystal, Peter, Russell, and Tika – meet, start sizing up the competition and start to settle into their new roles as journalists for Rolling Stone Magazine by interviewing Beeda Weeda and J Stalin. However, their first assignments are a rude awakening when hip-hop princess Krish has to interview hip hop artist El-P, Russell has to figure out how to secure interviews with Lupe Fiasco and Ghostface Killah, and Nelly Furtado pops by the office. Meanwhile, young Colin may be pushed around by indie band We Are Scientists, but he gets the job done smoothly and becomes the first of the writers to get published.”

Translation: Krishtine (“Krish” — can this possibly be a real name? Oh, MTV…) listens to, like, Kanye West and maybe A Tribe Called Quest because she’s conscious, right? She has no idea who El-P is and will probably gasp audibly upon meeting him and realizing he’s white. Meanwhile, Russell can’t figure out how to Google “Def Jam Records” to get a phone number. Colin probably asks We Are Scientists how they came up with their band name and “If you could be any famous scientist, who would you be?”

See? This is going to be fun. Leave your predictions in the comments.

(Get more info at Rolling Stone)