Live-Blogging "I’m From Rolling Stone": Episode One

Photo by MTV

First impressions: Russell (front and center) is my boy. Dude talks back to Jann Wenner like it was nothing and is rawking a terrible haircut. And for his first assignment, he’s writing about hyphy. Oh man, he is about to ghostride this whip. Siiiiiick.

Tika: I was wondering if the token black character would be gay. Yup. lol @ her doing her interview on speakerphone and holding her phone in her hand instead of laying it down and simultaneously recording/transcribing.

Krishtine: “My family, they call me the last hope.” Uhhhhhhhhhhh. She’s funny and she’s got some personality — and ridiculous Lindsay Lohan sunglasses. I approve, for now.

Most of these people are from California. I’m assuming this is because of MTV’s fascination with all things O.C., but I know a few other Cali journos who applied and we’re certainly not as cute as Krystal — but we’re all better writers. She’s reading the lede of her first assignment and it’s seriously a 200-word sentence. I don’t know what her space-cadet boyfriend is smoking, but he needs to stop passing her blunts. The tearful goodbye sequence has these weird hippie undertones to it. I feel like I’m watching The Wonder Years for a minute, but no, it’s still MTV.

They get to NYC. Colin brought his guitar? Nice. He’s a writer for the Daily Trojan at USC; a pal of mine across town was probably his boss last year. I’ll have to call him and see if dude is cool in real life, not just the Real World — I’ll report back. For now, he has impressed me with his pseudo-indie kid/Napolean Dynamite vibe.

Joe Levy, Rolling Stone editor, doesn’t know what “Krys” is trying to say. Man, me neither. Soul-crushing critiques for all! Magnificent. He tells Russell — the former juvenile delinquent — that he has the most experience. Hand me a Big Mac already, I’m lovin’ this.

Oh shit, montage for scenes from next week: Ghostface Killah, Nelly Furtado, and a pretty standard MTV balance of happy highs and collapsing in tears. Half an hour? Too brief. Verdict is in, friends: I’m From Rolling Stone is now the funniest TV show not called The Office. I’m down.


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