Anxious Blogger: "Arcade Fire Stole My Basketball"

Win Butler, the emotional singer and frontman of beloved indie band Arcade Fire, is now an alleged basketball thief. According to “Chris H.,” founder of the blog Arcade Fire Stole My Basketball ( – yes, really), Butler ran off with dude’s ball at the UC Berkeley gym the other day after an “animated” confrontation about who was going to get to play pick-up ball on a particular court. Butler’s bro, William, felt a need to refute this — with profanity — (“I was upstairs with Win when he was escorted out of the building. He didn’t have the damn basketball with him.”) and started Arcade Fire Didn’t Steal Dude’s Basketball.

Here’s how it went down:

“I had the misfortune of coming in contact with Win Butler at the Cal Berkeley gym this past Saturday (June 2),” Chris says. “Win Butler was shooting around on one of the courts. I asked Mr. Butler if he wanted to play. He declined so I asked him if he could move off the court because we were starting a full court game. He angrily refused.”

Shit apparently got crazy after that. Did Win steal the ball? Is Will taking this way too seriously? Can we talk about Lebron?

Arcade Fire – “Black Mirror”: mp3