Bootleg: Mount Eerie @ Kerckhoff Grand Salon, UCLA, 11.16.03

Photo by David Greenwald

I don’t know how Phil Elverum makes a living, but somehow he does. It’s not often you see the names the Microphones or his more recent project, Mount Eerie, thrown around in the blogosphere — although I suppose Elverum’s K Records background and grassroots fanbase predates the whole “Internet” thing by a wide margin.

I’ve seen the man perform twice. The photo above is from the second time; the concert below is from the first time. He took my request (“I Felt Your Shape”!!) and played a number of gorgeously naked songs that wouldn’t make their way onto albums for years to come. If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you’ve heard it before, but it’s a real classic and now that I have file hosting I figured it was time to put it up permanently. If you’re not familiar with Elverum or his strange, wonderful brand of folk music, now’s the time.

Mount Eerie @ Kerchkoff Grand Salon, UCLA – 11.16.03

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1. Let’s Get Out of the Romance
2. I Felt Your Shape
3. I’ll Shut Up
4. A Show of Hands
5. As Good As It Got (later recorded as “You Swan, Go On”) (BEST ELVERUM SONG EVER)
6. Wooly Mammoth’s Mighty Absence
7. See Me
8. Great Ghosts
9. The Dead of Night
10. (Dialogue with Cody)
11. Human, Human

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