First Look: Radiohead – In Rainbows

Okay, so after a glorious first listen:

1) “Nude” is the best track they’ve done since “How to Disappear Completely.” Un-fucking-real.

2) “Arpeggi” sounds better with chords, but it’s still totally awesome.

3) They blew it on “Videotape.” No climax? A drum machine? Dudes, c’mon! Peep the live version.

4) “Faust Arp” has all types of Beatles-y guitars going on. I’m down. The Nigel Godrich strings are also killer.

5) The little kids on “15 Step,” oh man. So that’s what they were doing in the studio.

6) What the hell happened to “Reckoner?” Didn’t that used to be a ballsy rock song like five years ago?

7) Album could use more ballsy rock songs.

That said:

8) Album is miles better than Hail to the Thief and flows like mountain spring water. The whole thing absolutely destroys and if Pitchfork gives it a score lower than Deerhunter or Iron & Wine or motherfucking Panda Bear – Panda Bear! – I’m going to blow up the Internet.

9) I bet Pitchfork gives it like a 6.8.

10) Do I even have to say it? AOTY.

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