Live: Jon Brion and Nels Cline @ Largo, 12.8.07

Miraculous things witnessed during last night’s three-hour jam session:

1) Dueling Turkish banjos
2) Three drummers, one kit
3) Jon Brion – not an easy man to impress, I assume – giving Wilco guitarist and general six-string wizard Nels Cline a smile and a big “Holy shit!” look every few minutes
4) An electro-drone tape-loop jam that would put the Field (or Panda Bear) to shame
5) A post-rock jam that made Explosions in the Sky look like preschoolers playing with blocks
6) Jams in just about every other genre imaginable, including metal, post-punk and Indian raga
7) Jon playing guitar and drums at the same time
8 ) Nels singing into his guitar
9) The faces of every person in the greater Los Angeles area melting off

I was hoping to hear Jon singing a Wilco song, but you know never know what you’re going to get with that guy. All in all, not a bad way to spend the fifth night of Chanukah. Also, there was a cute blonde hanging out with Jon before the show who may or may not have been Dido – he’s producing her new record.


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