New Music: Mount Eerie and Julie Doiron – "Flaming Home"

Mount Eerie
Photo by David Greenwald

Call this new collaboration with Julie Doiron whatever you want, Phil Elverum, but it’s totally the song formerly known as “Let’s Get Out Of the Romance” — a gem of Phil’s ’03 tour that appeared on the Singers LP and probably elsewhere in various forms. This is its best yet. Elverum’s voice quivers and nervously holds hands with Doiron’s own frail melody, and the production is simple and warm. Somewhere, this is changing Natalie Portman’s life while Devendra watches, helpless to intervene.

Mount Eerie and Julie Doiron – “Flaming Home”: mp3
Mount Eerie – “Let’s Get Out of the Romance” (live at UCLA, 2003): mp3

(Lost Wisdom is out 10/7; don’t miss Phil’s 11.16.03 bootleg)


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