2008 Rawky Awards: Winners & Losers

All photos by David Greenwald

You voted, and the results are in: the first-ever Rawky Awards are an unprecedented success, with you fine readers making great picks (read: picks that I agree with) and voting in droves. Thanks for playing — the results are after the jump.

Album of the Year: Fleet Foxes – Fleet Foxes
They didn’t quite beat the write-ins but as your consensus pick, Fleet Foxes topped the list. In a year where I’ve been confounded by so many of the chart-toppers, I’m glad to see the Foxes rise to the top of just about every year-end list — especially this one. TV on the Radio dropped in at No. 2; I like that record, but guess I should’ve written a Critical Backlash before it was too late, huh? (Related: Fleet Foxes – Live at Spaceland)

Worst Trend: Hipster Blogs Unironically Hating On Hipsters
Ouch! This was a joke, folks — especially given how often American Apparel-wearing me drops the h-word. I hope people were voting for Pitchfork or something. That said, a lot of you hate hipsters, too — “All of the Above, or ‘Brooklyn'” was a close second. And people talk about self-hating Jews…

Worthiest Buzz Band: Fleet Foxes
The year’s best new band ran away with this one, scoring an Obama-like 53% of the vote. (More on that guy later.) In last place were the Vivian Girls, with a teensy 5% of the vote — guess I was right about them, huh?

Best Band That Blogs Forgot: Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin
The Boris guys have been Rawkblog faves for years (full disclosure: they’ve slept on my floor) so I’m sure they appreciate the love. They dominated this category with 37% of the vote. The Henry Clay People and their straight-shooting anthems weren’t among the options, but they cruised through the write-in votes.

Best Post-Guilty Pleasure Pop Hit: Vampire Weekend – “Oxford Comma”
This was another joke! But a jam nonetheless, and one that won 54% of the vote. I voted for Miley.

Best Live Band: The Hold Steady
Considering your only options were the Hold Steady, the Hold Steady and Girl Talk, it was obvious how this was going to end, but even with a write-in option, America’s best bar band notched an impressive victory. I saw them twice this year, and believe me, they deserve it.

Best Indie Rock-Laden Teen Soap Opera: Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist
Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist beat the decidedly less indie Gossip Girl by a single vote. It certainly had mine with its surprisingly not-disappointing tour de Brooklyn — or maybe it’s just that Rawkblog crushes Michael Cera and Kat Dennings like the same bands and frequent the same New York hangs that I did last summer. Ah, memories. Sadly, poor 90210 couldn’t compete, even though they name-dropped motherfucking Division Day in the pilot.

Best Movie of 2008: The Dark Knight
Anyone who didn’t like The Dark Knight is a crazy person (holla at you later, Golden Globes voters), but I’m impressed that Synecdoche, New York (my personal favorite, and certainly not everybody’s cup of meta) finished second — and shocked that Nick & Norah finished last given that 46% of you liked it enough to vote on it in the other film category. (Related: Deeper Into Movies)

2008’s Awesomest Thing: Barack Obama
Our new president-elect won the most votes, the highest percentage and the largest margin of victory thanks to you Rawkblog liberals — and uncoincidentally, Sarah Palin finished second. Bummed that you guys aren’t keeping up with the Jonases, though.

Most Anticipated CD/LP of 2009: Wilco
Despite the easy-(dad) rockin’, not-so-lauded Sky Blue Sky, you guys are more excited for Wilco than Animal Collective and Ryan Adams (tied for No. 2). And yes, Ryan Adams is tied for No. 2 with blogosphere/IRL favorites Animal Collective, a statistic that brings my Ryan-lovin’ heart nothing but joy. Let’s hug it out, pals.

What Was Your Favorite Discovery on Rawkblog This Year?
No real winner for this one, but people seemed to like the bootlegs. I was hoping to see folks like Dylan Mondegreen and assorted indie-poppers, but there’s always next year.

What Do You Want To See On Rawkblog In 2009?
Responses were mixed here — some of you hate Ryan Adams and some of you want more. You will so obviously be getting more. And I hereby promise more jamz in 2009 — a return to weekly-ish bootlegs, a song every single morning and more lost gems from music’s endless Canon to Examine. On the news end, we’re going to hone in on bands we love — Wilco, Ryan Adams, the National and the like. If they so much as move a muscle, you’ll hear about it here.

Thanks folks — on to 2009. Come back later this week for my picks for the year’s best, including the top 50 songs and the top 30 albums, but for now, leave your thoughts in the comments.

Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin – “Rainy Day French Elevator” (Rawkblog exclusive!): mp3
Fleet Foxes – “White Winter Hymnal”: mp3
The Hold Steady – “Constructive Summer” (live): mp3

Best of 2008: We’re gonna blog something this winter. Click below for more.