New Music: Coconut Records (Jason Schwartzman) – “Microphone”

Having heard Coconut Records‘ tuneful sophomore album, Davy, I can report that you’re still better off listening to the Thrills (or, um, the Beatles)– nevertheless, the album brings us “Microphone,” and must be duly commended. This time around, I can listen to the Coconuts without envisioning the songs coming out of Jason Schwartzman (Rushmore has ruined him to me forever as anything other than the guy who saved Latin), which makes all of them much better but especially “Microphone,” a glorious three minutes of quirky retro-pop, the kind of of-the-moment song that’ll deservedly get sandwiched in this spring’s lovelorn mix tapes and maybe even soundtrack a few bespectacled make-out sessions. Sing it loud, fellas.

Coconut Records – “Microphone”: mp3

(Davy is out now on Young Baby)


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